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5 August 2000


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I have found that there are very few good Australian graphics on the Internet. Most websites contain the same if not similar images - and this must be very boring for anyone browsing for Genuine Australian information. Soooo... 

I decided to create/pull together a set of Australian graphics for use on PERSONAL Australian websites. All of these graphics have been created by myself or sent to us from other sources. As far as I know there is no copyright on these graphics. If you find a graphic here that you believe has your copyright on it - PLEASE let me know so I can either remove it or credit you with the copyright!

I am starting with graphics that are obviously Australian - but in the future I will branch out into the World market - things like Halloween, Thanksgiving etc. We have many, many religions, cultures and nationalities in Australia - so I would like to eventually cover every eventuation! 

I hope you enjoy the Australian graphics I have included for your use on your personal websites. Please let me know what your website address is so I can check out your talents! Please add one of the following graphics somewhere on your site as well to advertise the availability of these graphics :)

Take care and enjoy!





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These graphics are not for use in other Graphics Collections

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